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RCA Patch Cables - SCX-HEXAD20


20 ft. - 2 channel RCA HeXaD20 EFX HeXaD premium audio cables are designed with the goal of achieving the purest sound quality that even the most critical audiophiles will appreciate. Our cables feature Litz construction enhanced by Accuflow Frequency Tuned conductors, Dual Ground Path Braid Geometry and Rhodium plated RCA ends. The Litz wire used in the HeXaD audio cable consists of a number of individually insulated copper strands designed to minimize signal losses. When Litz construction is used with a broad range of frequencies such as the audio spectrum (20Hz -20KHz), high frequencies travel more efficiently on a larger number of smaller strands where low frequencies travel more efficiently over a smaller number of larger strands. Our multiple gauge AccuflowTM frequency tuned conductors overcome this limitation and allow all audio frequencies to pass with extremely low impedance. Dual Opposing Ground Path Braid Geometry is designed to minimize losses caused by the Proximity Effect. The configuration of the braided conductors is designed to cause cancellation of the Proximity Effect by equalizing the magnetic currents in opposing channels. HeXaD Audio Cables are braided by hand because here is no machine capable of producing this unique design. Rhodium has a very low contact resistance as well as an extremely high resistance to oxidation making it the ideal material for use on the contact surfaces of RCA audio cable connectors. Because Rhodium is many times the cost of gold, Rhodium connectors are a feature generally only found in ultra high end home audio cables. We chose to use this material because it was the only way to be sure we truly achieved the goals we set out or our HeXaD cable. Durable Protective Nylon OverbraidHeXaD Braid Geometry with Dual Opposing Ground PathInterchangeable Front, Rear and Sub Identification MarkersLitz Individually Insulated Strand ConstructionLow Profile Rhodium Plated RCA EndsOFC Copper Accuflow Frequency Tuned Conductors
RCA Patch Cables - SCX-HEXAD20