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add-a-circuit - ATMPLUG-L


FUSE BLOCK EXTENSION An Innovative add-a-circuit, two-slot fuse plug that provides a wire lead for splicing portable electronic devices ( up to 10 amps) into the fuse block. One slot accepts the original vehicle fuse; the other accepts the fuse for a phone, fax, radio, etc., eliminating the need for an additional fuse holder. The fuse plug is available for mini-ATM and ATC fuse. Features Turns one fuse into two, Plugs into occupied or vacant slot. Provides one fuse holder to protect existing circuit, and a second fuse holder to protect the new circuit. 10-Amp rating at 12 volts 16-gauge lead for new circuit is 5” long and includes an insulated crimp-type coupler.
add-a-circuit - ATMPLUG-L

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